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Jessica Rice


whole-heartedly believe in 4 hour dinners, planning parties so epic people talk about them for years. Going way over the top on gifts, dancing all of my stress away and raising our kids to live out love and kindness that can change the world. 

A Southern Girl living in San Diego’s Endless Summer! I left dental career path to travel the world with just a camera in hand and spent a year capturing the world’s greatest beauty. I’m a deep believer in waking up at 5 am to own my day, rocking every jumpsuit, losing track of time dining with friends and drinking tea until it fills my veins. I traveled the world in search of life’s greatest adventure and found it in my arms as I held my children. I’m here for you. Here for your adventure and here to share everything I’ve learned along the way. 

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I don’t have a memory where my mom wasn’t taking a picture. Her purse was always full of film rolls waiting to be developed or used. We frequented the film lab at Walmart so often they knew us by name. She was always toting a camera over her shoulder and it fascinated me, I would […]

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National Geographic African Boy covering eyes in Burkina Faso

I remember everything about that day, the day my college roommate walked in with a camera in her hand that made my jaw drop. I had never seen anything like it. My first sight of a DSLR. We sat in the floor of our living room staring at it as if it was a huge […]

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favorite productivity tools

We live in a world where hustle never sleeps, our lists grow long and our days can so quickly fill with meaningless distractions. I spent years using the same system and coming up short when it comes to being productive (mostly hand written lists scattered throughout my house and my brain). Once I married “Mr. […]

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  You’ve been watching for years. She’s made you roll on the floor with laughter and cry until your face was completely swollen. She’s taught you to love with complete kindness, to dance with all you’ve got and to laugh your way through life! She’s ELLEN of course and, you’ve been dreaming of meeting your […]

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Newborn Photography

Dear Mom, I never knew. I never knew about the years of interrupted sleep you sacrificed for cradling me in your arms. The late night hours you spent tickling my back and sitting outside of my room until you were sure I was asleep because I was afraid of the dark. I never knew how […]

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finding balance in working from home

Why I started waking up at 5 am Last week I had a break down, I sat in the floor with my head resting on our bookshelf and I told Nick, with tears in my eyes; “I just can’t do it all anymore…” I had no idea how hard being a stay at home mom […]

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Ya’ll, having a newborn is hard. You go from being 800 lbs, not sleeping at night because you have to wake up to turn over or pee, waddling around with a belly everyone says is about to pop to being a little less than 800 lbs, still not sleeping at night because you have a […]

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Newborn Photography

Everyone tells you how much having a baby will change your life but they never tell you how much it will change your heart. There is magic in motherhood and I had no idea someone so little would bring such mystery and marvel to my days. I was exactly 36 weeks pregnant and my company […]

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Quotes to inspire.

“Because Today is Worth it.” I have this quote displayed in our home. I walk past it everyday and take a moment to intentionally absorb it. It’s the header on my blog and written deep in my heart. I surround myself with these 5 words because my soul needs them desperately and I think yours […]

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          I knew this day would eventually come, I just didn’t expect it to make me question my entire identity. For years I’ve been pursuing my passion of being an entrepreneur and growing my photography business. I didn’t expect to meet a guy who would fall perfectly in place with my […]

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I didn’t realize how deeply failure is wrapped in fear until last week. On our drive out to the desert Nick asked me to listen to an audio book called Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. The specific chapter he thought related to me was about 2 philosophies of thought. He believed that […]

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If you’re like me you’ve spent countless New Year’s eve’s listing all the things your fresh clean slate will allow you to accomplish. “January 1st is the day I’m going to wake up and instantly be a new person. Someone who is more disciplined, excessively interested in exercising, refuses to eat another item containing sugar […]

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