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favorite productivity tools

We live in a world where hustle never sleeps, our lists grow long and our days can so quickly fill with meaningless distractions.

I spent years using the same system and coming up short when it comes to being productive (mostly hand written lists scattered throughout my house and my brain). Once I married “Mr. Productivity” my life changed and I want to share my 5 favorite productivity tools with you so maybe you’re able to get more done than you’ve ever done before.

These productivity tools are for anyone, whether you’re a stay at home mom, an entrepreneur, a florist working from home or the CEO of a fortune 500 company you’ll find value in these organization tools.

5 minute Journal

favorite productivity tools

Anyone can carve out 5 minutes a day for this journal! The Five Minute Journal is your secret weapon to focus on the good in your life, become more mindful, and live with intention. With a simple structured format based on positive psychology research, you will start and end each day with gratitude. I love the format of this journal. There’s something really powerful about starting your day by focusing your mind on gratitude. The 5 minutes you spend in this journal are divided to the morning and the evening, right when you wake up and right before bed. It’s the simplest thing you can do to make your life more productive!

Ideal Week Sheet

ideal week layout

Now this has been a game changer for me. When I was first introduced to the Ideal Week Sheet I was honestly overwhelmed. For someone who craves structure but values spontaneity it felt like a box. I didn’t want to commit to but here’s the thing; this is a guide. This Ideal Week Sheet will help you be strategic, disciplined and goal-oriented. It keeps me on track with my daily tasks for my business and our home. It’s my favorite way to look at a week and prioritize what’s important. The best part, it can be completely customized to you! Want to an Ideal Week Sheet template? Click Here.


GQueues for Productivity

If you’re a list maker then you will really appreciate this one. Until GQueues came into my life, you could easily find at least 5 active lists scattered throughout my house. I’m still a huge fan of writing things down to store them to my memory but GQueues has complied all of my lists into one simple, clean, easy to use place. GQueues is a component of Google that organizes your lists into smart queues. The thing I love most about this productivity tool is that it allows you to set completion dates for each task, to create categories and subcategories. The best part is that once you set dates for everything you can go in and click on “today” to see all of the tasks you need to accomplish in one place.


Unroll me for Productivity tools

How many times have you opened your email to get down to business and found yourself deep in a rabbit trail 20 minutes later? I know it used to happen to me everyday. I mean how many emails can one company send in a day am I right? With Unroll.me you can quickly see how many hundreds of email lists you are signed up for and quickly unroll to clear out that inbox. This has been a major game changer in my productivity because now every email that shows up in my inbox is something I actually want to see. Check it out, I’m sure you are subscribed to more lists than you can even imagine!


Productivity tools for managing money

I’m not a money person, I don’t love crunching numbers or even keeping track of my spending but more than that I hated getting to the end of a month and feeling like I had no idea where my money went. When we signed up for Mint everything became very clear and sometimes it’s not what you want to see. Mint is a money management tool that lets you create budgets, track spending, check your credit score, pay your bills and set savings goals. It’s super simple to use, easy to set up and incredibly user friendly. I love Mint for both our personal expenses and our business. If you have no idea where your money went last month, aren’t a number person and have never really known how to manage your monthly spending this is the tool for you. Mint will help keep your spending and saving productive and give you great insight into how to simplify things in your life.


productivity tools for small business owners

Social Media is life am I right? Ok but in reality it can consume soooooo much of our time, efforts and life. Personally I want to spend more time living my life than posting about it and that’s why I LOVE Planoly. With Planoly I can visually schedule all of my posts for months and months ahead of time (not that I’m ever that ahead but I would like to be). I can analyze the engagement on my posts and collect data from all of my interactions. My favorite part is being able to drag photos around until I get them exactly how I like them then when it’s time to post I get an alert on my phone and post through the app. It’s seriously the easiest and best thing you can do for the social media aspect of your business if you’re not scheduling already. Planonly only costs $9 a month for a single account user but if you manage multiple instagram accounts you can add all of them to Planoly no problem.

Whether you’re looking to be a productive business owner, mom, CEO or Essential Oils sales person these productivity tools can help you manage and grow your business and life. I use these tools everyday to maximize my time at working better, not more!

What are your favorite tools or apps for productivity?

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