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Meet the Rice Team

It was clear we were made to be together. To work with each other. We traveled the world to find our next great adventure, only to find the one we would love sitting next to us at a small non-profit in Georgia. Now based in Southern California, we spend our days capturing life's best moments and sharing incredible stories through photographs. When not taking pictures, you are likely to find us globetrotting, enjoying the beach, or throwing a party with all of our friends. 

I’m known for killer dance moves, audacious dreams, fearless hustle, making strangers my best friends, and singing songs I don’t know the words to. I never follow recipes exactly, have high paleo aspirations and a major gooey chocolate-chip cookie indulgence.

Life of the Party

I can give a powerful speech on a whim, throw a killer party, and style any  place to be beautiful and inviting. I lose countless hours (and dollars) “browsing” Anthropologie , JCrew and Lululemon. Barre and stroller strides (#motherhood) are my current work out musts. I cry a little every time I see a golden retriever puppy or anytime I listen to a worship song. 

My Hobbies

I have lived in 12 other countries and spend the majority of my day dreaming time planning our next trip. I truly believe T.Swift and I will be besties and in 20 years I could happily be the First Lady of the United States. 

World Traveler

Photography has always been my way of sharing my love for the world. I've experienced some of the most incredible moments and places that words just can't do justice to but an image can move my heart time and time again. I love getting to freeze timeless moments in fun and genuine ways. 

My Why

It's Jess

Most days you can find me trying to improve things, reading the latest book, playing yard games, and spending time with my beautiful wife. I can talk politics, religion, and business all day long, and I am constantly trying to learn new things. 

Gentleman Scholar

I'm at home on the beach or the ski slopes, surfing, snowboarding, and playing volleyball. While my dream car is a Honda Odyssey, I'd prefer to get around via longboard or bike. 

Outdoor Living

I try living each day loving people like Jesus did. It's my dream to bring practical, viable solutions to majors issues in this world. I love serving and serving alongside others who are making a positive difference in this world. 


I've always loved visual arts, so  it was only natural that I get involved with Jess' photography when we started dating. What began as me second shooting became a beautiful partnership where we compliment each other so well in all aspects of the business: She's the dreamer and the creative; I'm the businessman and tech support.  

My Why

Meet Nick


Live in London!


Learn to play sand volleyball


Visit every child we sponsor


Ride in a hot air balloon


Earn my black belt in karate


Become fluent in another language


Dive the Great Barrier Reef


Photograph a wedding in Europe


Visit all of the National Parks


Compete in a ballroom dancing competition


Swim with Dolphins


Sit on a wild crocodile


Meet the President


Travel the world for a year


Provide clean water for an entire village


Write a book


Eat breakfast on the top of the Grand Canyon at sunrise

On My bucket List:



Lincoln louis!

On March 3, 2017 we welcomed the greatest little man to our team. Nothing has been sweeter in life than brining this nugget into it. He is curious, brave, wild and adventurous. If you want to follow along with our journey through parenthood check it out on Instagram at @mydailywild