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with JEssica Rice

I knew I was created for adventure, to live a life of exploration and thrill. I knew the world was so much bigger, grander and more beautiful than I could have dreamed. My heart came alive as I journeyed across the globe and my life’s work was born with every click of my camera. To tell the world’s most beautiful stories through images that captivate. 

Just over a decade ago I was living deep in the heart of Africa, in a small country called Burkina Faso. Surrounded by third-world poverty I became captivated by the beauty of humanity. When communication seemed impossible my camera became my language. With one portrait my world was changed; her name was Esther and she had never once in her 75 years of life seen a photo of herself. 

I was living in a tiny country in West Africa over a decade ago when my photography career started. Capturing documentary images of impoverished children, tribal villagers and third-world experiences when people started emailing me to capture their weddings. I know, I was thinking the same thing; “African Children and Luxury weddings are in the same category?”  

With one small click of the shutter, one hand on her shoulder, one glimpse of a screen her beauty was revealed. Tears streamed down her face as her finger tapped the screen and then slowly moved to her chest. Her hands clasped palms and her forehead bent low as she kissed my hands in gratitude. People walked miles that day to have their portrait documented, they began calling me; "the girl who freezes time." 

I became consumed with telling the world's most beautiful stories through images that captivate and within days of sharing Esther's image I received an email that would forever change my career path. "Jessica, your portraits of those villagers has captivated us, I would love to know if you would photograph our wedding. You have a way of not only capturing beauty but magnifying it. Your images transport me straight to those villages, your portraits show your love for these strangers and make me love them too. Your photos tell me a story I can’t get enough of and what more could a bride want than that on her wedding day." 

My passion to explore, adventure and seek out life's greatest beauty became my career. A job that has taken me across the globe to document stories just like yours, stories of love that changes the world. 

"My camera became my language and they began to call me 'the girl who freezes time.'

I became consumed with a passion to tell the world's most beautiful stories..."

Jessica Rice

"You have a way of not only capturing beauty but magnifying it. Your images transport me straight to those villages, your portraits show your love for these strangers and make me love them too. Your photos tell me a story I can’t get enough of and what more could a bride want than that on her wedding day."

R. S.

Jessica Rice

A tenacious visionary with immense dreams, Jess is the life of the party and an artist who aims to showcase the deepest levels of joy. She's endlessly laughing, creating & brimming with wanderlust. 

With nearly a decade of documenting life, love and passion around the globe through photography, Jess is known for capturing images that exude joy in a timeless way.  Jess is never without an Iced Tea (thanks to her southern roots), owns an embarrassing amount of jumpsuits and has never met a stranger. 

Iced TEa Lover
Life of the party

Nick Rice

A methodical mastermind with a disposition that calms every room. Nick is a fervent learner with a passion to create seamless processes. His background in film makes him the perfect partner.

He had no idea that their first date would lead to nearly 10 years of a business partnership. Nick contributes an essential vision to this photography duo and serves as an additional first shooter who effortlessly balances Jess's strengths with his own. This seamless duo takes great pride in their deeply rooted passion for creating genuine and enjoyable experiences for their clients. 

Gentleman Scholar
Fervent Learner

"Jess will never boast about this but she has a way of captivating every person she meets and making them feel at home in a way they never knew they could. She truly SEES people and has a gift of showing them THEIR beauty in a way that enthralls through photos and her presence ."

Nick Rice


I’ve lived in 12 other countries and explored many more. My passport is always ready and I love a spontaneous adventure.


These kids are the LIGHT of my life. Nothing has been a more remarkable adventure than becoming a mom. 


I do not say this lightly but, I make the WORLD'S GREATEST GUACAMOLE. I will pin it up against anyone and it will come out victorious! 

Iced Tea

I'm a southern girl living in an endless summer. Tea runs in my blood and you will never find me without a tea in hand.


I want to build a school in a 3rd world country, fund an entire orphanage and feed an entire Compassion International site for a year! 


I grew up in a tiny mountain town always dreaming of calling the beach home. We spend every free day sitting by the ocean in San Diego.


There’s nothing that makes a place feel more “home” than decorating. In another life I’d be an interior designer. 


No stage intimidates me. I feel at home in front of people and have big plans to spend my time sharing, teaching and challenging people from a stage. 


I can't help but go all out for any kind of celebration. I am the queen of throwing epic parties and think everything deserves a celebration! 


I have 42 jumpsuits hanging in my closet. Almost any soiree, date, or trip to the store is jumpsuit approved! 


My Passions

You don't take a photograph, you make it.

Ansel Adams

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Authentic Moments Captured with Beauty in Mind. 

We can't wait to tell your story with purpose, honest connection and mastery. Our comprehensive and personalized process will guide you every step of the way. 

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