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Newborn Photography

Dear Mom,

I never knew.

I never knew about the years of interrupted sleep you sacrificed for cradling me in your arms. The late night hours you spent tickling my back and sitting outside of my room until you were sure I was asleep because I was afraid of the dark.

I never knew how wet you’d get just to sit next to the tub and watch me splash. The wrestling matches you would have to wrangle my naked little body into pajamas every night.

I never knew about how many activities and outings you would plan just so I could have an adventure or experience something new. The money you would spend on cheese sticks and granola bars to keep me from having a total melt down in public.

I never knew how full your life would feel when you tickled my belly or chewed my toes. How you knew and adored every inch of me and it would make you feel complete.

I never knew how your heart would skip a beat when I snuggled you or kissed your lips. How you’d spend all day longing for me to wrap my arms around your neck and look you in the eyes.

I never knew how many songs you would sing or the crazy dance moves you’d come up with to distract or entertain me. The amount of your day you would spend cleaning up after me and wishing you had a maid instead.

I never knew how much joy I brought you, how you would be completely delighted by my smile. I couldn’t have known how deeply your heart would ache for my hugs or how intensely you would hurt when something happened to me.

I never knew the extent of how far you would go to make me laugh. I didn’t see how often you would sacrifice yourself to take care of me.

I never knew how much you loved me.

I couldn’t have known until I became a Mom, until I became a You.

I never knew how much you loved me and, I never knew I’d wish I could tell you how deeply I loved you as much as I do right now.

I love you forever,

Your Daughter Jess

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