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Are you sick of just typing “toys for toddler boys” on amazon and scrolling the endless lists of sponsored products, random crap and useless plastic? I get it, the world has way too many things, our kids have too many things and it’s hard to find what is actually worth our money. After years or “experimenting” with toys and gifts I’ve put together the ULTIMATE gifts and toys guide for toddler boys (and girls too but I have a separate one for girls you can find here.)

I also want to make it really easy for you to access the toys you’re looking for without having to read through a bunch of crap. This year I’m making this gift guide super simple for you guys and just including links to each item under the toy type category without all the descriptions, paragraphs and useless information!

Games & Educational Games

Toddlers LOVE games and puzzles and I think we can too easily neglect finding some really great educational “toys” for them that are actually really big time fillers!! These are some of our tested and tried favorites and all of the links can be found below in order of the photos above!

Red Light, Green Light Game

I Saw it First Puzzle

Sneaky Sneaky Squirrel Game

T-Rex Rocks

Alphabet Robots

Count Your Chickens Game

Wooden Puzzle Pattern

Create a Story Deck of Cards

Whose hiding in the Jungle Card Game


Imagination Magnets

Anatomy Puzzles

Wooden Matching Letter Game

Cars and Transportation

It would be wrong to not put an entire category in just for Cars and transportation toys! There are so many incredible options out there that go beyond the hotwheels aisle in Target and these car toys and accessories are sure to delight any little one!

Leather Car Mat

Candylab Cars

Wooden Car Wash

Remote Controlled Monster Truck (drives on water)

Way to Play Road

Motor Mechanic

Train Set

Road Tape

Ramp Racer

Picasso Tiles Race Track

Garbage Truck

Parking Garage

I love watching my son explore, imagine and create with pretend play. My husband wasn’t on board with getting him a “dollhouse” so I found tons of incredible (and frankly more fun) options instead. Kids love creating stories, scenarios and imagining they are living in another world and these toys are some of our favorites!

Pretend Play


Hiking Mouse in Rubber Boat


Dentist Set

Crepe and Waffle Stand

Wooden Tool Set

Barber Kit

Chef Mouse

Wooden Bakery


Camping Set

Camping Mice

Active and Outdoors

When it comes to choosing gifts for active little ones it’s easy to think of a trampoline or a swing set but this lift will give you plenty of creative ideas, some of which take up much less space than a trampoline in the yard!!

Climbing Triangle and Slide

This is hands down one of our favorite and most used toys! We have the 3 piece ladder climbing combo and the XXL rocker!! For the month of November I have a 10% off coupon for you to use on any order with Wiwiurka: JESSICARICETEN

Balance Bike

Balance Rocks

Sand Truck

Bouncy Seasaw

Disc Swing

Metal Detector

Bounce House

Huffy Land Rover Car

Soccer Goal

Wobble Balance Board

Kitchen Helper

Construction and Building

Hape Wooden Crane

Grimms Wooden Blocks


Grimm’s Wooden Rainbow Stacker

Marble Run

Plus Plus Blocks

Straw Constructor

Tinker Toys

Brickyard Building Blocks

Nilo Lego and Play Table

I have also put together a great little stocking stuffer gift guide that you can find here with fun non-food ideas Santa can use to fill those stockings!

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