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Jessica Rice


whole-heartedly believe in 4 hour dinners, planning parties so epic people talk about them for years. Going way over the top on gifts, dancing all of my stress away and raising our kids to live out love and kindness that can change the world. 

A Southern Girl living in San Diego’s Endless Summer! I left dental career path to travel the world with just a camera in hand and spent a year capturing the world’s greatest beauty. I’m a deep believer in waking up at 5 am to own my day, rocking every jumpsuit, losing track of time dining with friends and drinking tea until it fills my veins. I traveled the world in search of life’s greatest adventure and found it in my arms as I held my children. I’m here for you. Here for your adventure and here to share everything I’ve learned along the way. 

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best halloween books for 2020

It’s no secret that we LOVE holidays in our house nor is it a secret that I have a problem with going ALL out for said holidays. My kids know it’s time for a new season, a new holiday when the books come out. Our Holiday and seasonal books are one of my favorite holiday […]

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Family photo session outfit ideas

One of the most exciting things about scheduling your Fall Family Photo Session is planning your outfits, am I right? I could spend hours scrolling through my favorite online stores and picking out the perfect combos for those magical shots and if picking out the perfect wardrobe stresses you out then I’m here to help […]

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I’m going to let you in on a little secret, my Christmas lists have been done for months…I’ve always been a big list person, even when I was a kid I would make extremely detailed lists with prices and links (well magazine references back then hahah). I’m also a huge fan of collecting ideas throughout […]

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DIY Kids Halloween Costumes and Party

I grew up with a mom who hand stitched every single one of my halloween costumes, she spent hours glueing on sequins, sewing lace and creating the prefect halloween costumes. I always dreamed of making these eloborate and creative DIY costumes for my kids, I imagined a room spread full of fabric and tulle and […]

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The Strapless Dress Arm Challenge Whether it’s your wedding day or a hot date, we all want to look great in that strapless dress. Kristin Rene from Kristin Rene Fitness has put together a great workout to tone your arms and banish the back. By the end of this challenge you should feel more confident […]

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subscription photo service

Subscriptions are everywhere. Today you can subscribe for music, clothing deliveries, meals, movie passes and even underwear so why not be able to subscribe for photos as well? When I had a baby last year my whole life changed. I went from obsessing over cute photos of our home or my ‘styled’ breakfast to NEEDING […]

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Oceanside Maternity Session

You’ve been dreaming of this moment for so long, for months maybe even years. The moment your precious baby takes it’s first breath, the moment you first look in their eyes and feel a love you can’t explain with words. You carry this little one in your womb for 9 months, getting to know them, […]

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Now is the time of year when those Christmas Cards sneak up to the top of your to-do list. So often you have to resort to taking a family photo on your iPhone, scrolling through a year’s worth of candids or pulling out your point-n-shoot to capture a last minute attempt for the cards that […]

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We met Jesse and Tyler on a “blind date” of sorts. After 2 years of training a dog for Canine Companions, Nick’s grandparents got the news that he had flunked out of his final training program. During that time they had been introduced to an amazing couple with a 1 year old baby who suffered from […]

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I met Cassi running around the halls of our college dorm, she was fiesty and full of fervor. I was immediately drawn to her and wanted to be her friend so badly that I even agreed to join her soccer team to which at this point in my life I had NO soccer experience at […]

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Becca and Bryan are the type of people you meet and fall madly in love with. They are a welcome invitation. When you show up where they are you feel at home. Becca and I met in college and within moments we were soul tied. From cartoons drawn on the back of homework assignments to […]

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This ADORABLE family was one of my Big Photography giveaway winners and I couldn’t have been happier to spend some time photographing them. Josh, Hannah and little Eleanor just opened an awesome coffee shop in San Diego called Ladies and Gentlemen Coffee that is sure to be the best local coffee you can find! One of […]

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I am so excited to announce the winners of this giveaway! I had so much fun seeing all of the entries and can’t wait to meet these beautiful people! I will email each of you soon and get these shoots in the books! I am thrilled for all that is ahead and hope you stay […]

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I am OBSESSED with families. Seriously though, growing up you could always find me hunkered down with some friends parents playing dominos or making pizzas. I spent more time with the parents than I did my friends. So naturally I’m obsessed with family shoots. I love getting to spend a few crazy and beautiful hours […]

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