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arm workout for brides

The Strapless Dress Arm Challenge

Whether it’s your wedding day or a hot date, we all want to look great in that strapless dress. Kristin Rene from Kristin Rene Fitness has put together a great workout to tone your arms and banish the back. By the end of this challenge you should feel more confident and ready to show off your arms from every angle! 

Below are six moves that will leave your arms defined and sculpted yet NOT bulky! The best part about this workout routine is you don’t need an hour at a gym. You can easily do these exercises at home or anywhere else convenient to you in 15 minutes or less.

Let the Challenge Begin!!!

You will do each exercise for 45 seconds and then give yourself a 15 second break. After you complete all 6 exercises, take a 1-2 minutes break and then do all the exercises agin! You will need some weights for this challenge. If you don’t have any, check out Amazon, Target, TJ Maxx, or even CraigsList.

Shoulder Press

arm workout for brides

We are starting with a bang! This move not only targets the shoulders (like the name says), but it also gets your biceps and triceps! To begin with, grab a medium set of dumbbells. Standing with your legs shoulder width apart, bend your elbows and raise your arms until your elbows are shoulder level and your palms are facing outward. From there, push the weights above your head until the end of the weights touch. Then bring them back down to starting position.

Lateral Raises

arm workouts for brides

You and your armpits will thank me for this move! Yet again, we have a shoulder move, but this one also targets two muscles right under your armpit (to tone that area we all kinda hate). To begin with, grab a light pair of dumbbells. Since this move has the arms extending from the body, we will need a lighter weight than the shoulder presses. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart and arms down by your side. Engage your core to stabilize your body and then raise your arms to the side. You should hit a “T” position and then lower your arms back to starting position.

Reverse Flyes

arm workouts for brides

This move gets some of your shoulders but mainly your upper back.  To begin with, grab a light pair of dumbbells. Since this move has the arms extending from the body, we will need a lighter weight. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, chest forward, and arms down. From here, raise your arms up to where they are even with your shoulders. Your arms should be slightly bent as well. Once you hit that position, lower your arms back to the starting position.

Tricep Extensions

arm workout

Get ready to tone the back or your arms with this great move. To begin with, grab a light pair of dumbbells. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart and arms together above your head. Slowly lower the weight behind your head and then back to the top. It’s a simple exercise with some great results.

Tricep Dips

arm workout for brides

This move is what really helps define the back of the arm. Most people know about tricep dips using a chair or bench, but you can also do them directly on the floor. If you’re on the floor, make sure your feet are flat on the ground, knees together and rise up to a tabletop position with your fingers pointed towards your body. Then simply bend your elbows and push back up to tabletop. Or you can put your hands on a chair/bench and your feet on the ground. From there you bend your arms and try to keep your body as close to the chair/ bench as you can without scraping your back (oouch).

Push Ups

arm workout for brides

Push-ups are one of the best workouts for your upper body (and core). There is no equipment needed and you can add some modifications to fit any fitness level. Start in a plank position. If you want it to be more challenging stay here. However, if you want to make it a little easier, place your knees on the ground. Either way, your palms should be right in line with your chest. To target more chest and shoulder have your hands wider apart (like the photo) and lower with your elbows out. To target more triceps, have your hands closer in and lower with your elbows by your side.

There you have it! Repeat each of these moves 2-3 times during your workout and you’ll be seeing results in no time at all!

As you get stronger, you can increase your weight or modification to make the moves more challenging.

Also, to truly get the results you want, make sure you have a healthy diet! One of my favorite motos is Nutrition + Exercise + Motivation = Success. If you want to see more from Kristin Rene, check our her website. She has some great fitness tips and tricks!


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