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We met Jesse and Tyler on a “blind date” of sorts. After 2 years of training a dog for Canine Companions, Nick’s grandparents got the news that he had flunked out of his final training program. During that time they had been introduced to an amazing couple with a 1 year old baby who suffered from a rare seizure disorder ( Read her story here). They had been wanting a dog for awhile as a help and companion to their daughter Nora and it just so happened that Tahoe, our grandparents’ dog, was their perfect fit.


Nick’s Nana has been mentioning it for months; “oh we have to introduce to this lovely couple and their baby, they are the nicest people you’ll ever meet and you’ll be great friends…” (side note: Nick’s Nana thinks everyone is amazing so we didn’t put a lot of weight into the “great friends” bit.)


We showed up for dinner one night and as soon as we walked in their house we felt at home. We laughed, ate, and talked all night, and by the time we left we felt like we had known them for years. It was an instant connection and immediate friendship that birthed a weekly community group that we love.


When they asked us to do some family photos we were THRILLED. We went to Kit Carson Park in Escondido to explore, play and capture their family love.



Nora is the sweetest little girl you’ve ever met and due to her rare seizure disorder she has struggled with learning to walk and talk and express emotions. Seeing her sweet face light up in smiles as Tyler threw her in the air was such a treat. Since starting a very strict diet Nora has made developmental leaps and bounds and even started standing, laughing and responding more.






If you want to read more about sweet Nora you can check out their blog at; And She Lived Happily Ever After.



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