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I’m going to let you in on a little secret, my Christmas lists have been done for months…I’ve always been a big list person, even when I was a kid I would make extremely detailed lists with prices and links (well magazine references back then hahah).

I’m also a huge fan of collecting ideas throughout the year, especially for the kids since Christmas is the only time they really get new toys other than birthdays! When it comes to buying toys and gifts especially for the kids I like to think long term and choose toys that will last through different seasons, ages and will be loved by both boys and girls!

Since I’m killing it and totally ahead of the game I thought I would share my Lists and Gift guide (that isn’t all the typical toys you always see) with all of you!

Gifts for Every Mom (or any cool ladies in your life)

Almost all of these things I own or actually have on my christmas list this year. Any of these will be a sure-fire delight to any mom, woman or friend in your life!

If you’re stumped on what to ask for for Christmas I promise these things are tried and true and will make your Christmas morning truly exciting!

The Cardigan to End All Cardigans

Whether you’re going out with the girls, running errands in your workout clothes or just need something warm with easy access pockets for the 100 things you have to carry this sweater is GOLD. If I could have it in every color I would!! It’s pricey (but J.Crew always has some kind of sale), needs to be dry cleaned and is worth every extra hassle!!

This JCrew Sweater Goes with Everything!

Your Hair Will Thank Me for These Silk Scrunchies

These make a perfect stocking stuffer and as we all know by now (thank you social media influencers) silk is IN for hair. There are actually lots of great reasons to sleep on silk, wrap in silk and tie your hair up in silk but mostly if it avoids the insane amount of time it takes to unknot my top bun each morning then it’s a win in my book!!!

Costco Wins Again with this Blanket

We all LOVE a good costco find am I right? Well this one is about to snuggle your socks off, literally it’s better than your favorite pair of cozy socks. This blanket is a must for every couch. I know soooo many people that are serious addicts and buy another one of these every time they go to costco. The best part is it comes in a variety of sizes depending on the level of snuggly coverage you desire!

Make Your Feet Dance with these Slippers

The most important thing for me when it comes to a slipper is; how much will my feet sweat inside of this, can I accidentally walk out of the house with these on and be somewhat socially acceptable and can I throw them away after a year without being mad about it. If those are your qualifications as well these will be a true delight. They are a reasonable price, have enough fur inside to keep you warm but also not so much that it’s an instant foot bath and also have hard sole bottoms so you can walk on all terrains and through Target without being ashamed.

Say Anything You Need to Say with this Letter Board

There’s honestly nothing better than ANYTHING Chip and Joanna make and this letterboard is an all-time favorite. It’s the perfect transitional piece of decor. You can use it at parties, for pictures or just to greet anyone in any season as they walk through the door. Plus I love that the letters are big and they fit into the slots SOOO easily (much easier than those felt boards that used to be all the rage…)

Earrings Every Influencer Is Wearing by Natalie Borton

Ok but for real, my girl Natalie Borton is an all-star. Her jewelry line just launched at Madewell and every single thing she MAKES BY HAND AT HER OWN HOME is amazing. Every piece is the perfect compliment to any outfit you could possibly wear!

Roll Your Face Into Submission with this Set from Primally Pure

Ok I am THE biggest fan of Primally Pure, everything I have used (which is basically everything) is truly incredible but this soothing set is my all time favorite right now. It’s like a late night spa at my sink every night. This soothing serum reduces all my “I just kept 2 kids alive all day” stress, wrinkles and puffiness from my face and the jade roller is a little bit of heaven on top. If you use the code: jr10 you’ll get 10% off your order (boom, more money to spend on something else!!)

You’ll Wear these Pants Everyday

I do. I wear these pants every single day at some point. Why you ask? Because they hold everything in, make me feel like I should workout and have pockets. The pockets really are everything and if I ever accidentally walk out of the house in any other workout pants that don’t have pockets I curse myself for making such a foolish mistake

Do Your Skin a Serious Favor

Did you know that your skin is your LARGEST organ!!! It’s soooo important that we take care to put the best stuff on our biggest organ in the same way we try to put the best stuff in our body. If you’ve ever wanted to try an all natural skin care that will heal, nourish and treat your skin like a queen than this is your chance!!! Primally Pure has THE best stuff on the market, and trust me I’ve tried EVERYTHING. I use Primally pure every single day and this starter kit is the perfect gift for any one who wants to look younger for life! Also use code: JR10 for 10% off!!

I Get Asked about These Shoes Every Day

I literally wear these shoes 18,000 times a week. They are THE most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn and every time I’m out I get asked about them. Major secret….I got them on Amazon!!! I even wear these on wedding days which means they are super supportive, durable and comfortable. Do yourself a favor and put 6 pairs on your Christmas list.

A Book to Renew

I always set out to read a book a month at the beginning of each year and this is the one I’m planning to start with. It’s brand new and I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about it. Plus who doesn’t need help figuring out how to be renewed!!!

Sheets that will Swallow You Up in Bliss

I own these sheets in multiple colors and every time I snuggle in bed I feel like I’m slipping into a little piece of heaven. These sheets are as soft as your 14 year old favorite pajama shirt and make you feel just as at home!!

I Know You Need New Baking Sheets

If you pull out your cookie sheet and wonder what color it originally was then it’s time to upgrade to the best baking sheets on the market. These Air Bake Cookie Sheets will guarantee your cookies are perfect every single time!!

The Pants that Guarantee Your Hips Don’t Lie

If you want to look bomb, feel bomb and also hide all that extra baby skin then these “leather” Spanx will be your number one pick. They are a little pricey but watch for a sale and order a size up. You will look like a model every time you leave the house, even if it’s just in these and a t-shirt.

Gifts for Toddler Boys

These are specifically things Lincoln has already or are on his Christmas list this year. While they are more geared towards toddler boys, literally any child would love these things. We try to buy toys that both our kids will love and play with throughout the years!

The Tree House that Ends All Tree Houses

This has been on Lincoln’s list for years now (2, I guess since he’s only 2…). I’m a HUGE fan of imaginary play and begged Nick to let me get him some kind of dollhouse and then when I found this it was an instant yes!! Magnolia has one at Target right now but I think this one is better. It has more play space, the roof comes off and it actually looks like a tree. This will be under our tree this year!

A Rubber Road for Every Car Fan

Do you own every single toy car, car garage, car ramp, car race? Well then I’ve got the perfect RUBBER ROAD for your car lover. This rubber road is AH-MAZING. You can put it anywhere, in the sand, the tub, over wooden bridges, up the walls. It’s so versatile, engaging and timeless. It’s worth every penny and you can always add more pieces which is a bonus!

This 3-in-1 Art Easel for Your Picasso

This art easel has become a favorite in our house. It has a whiteboard, a chalkboard and a roll of paper which means any artist can find their medium. It folds up nicely and doesn’t look cheap.

Our Favorite Wooden Cars

I cannot say enough about these CandyLab Cars, they are sooooo cute, well built and super engaging. Some of them are magnetic and they offer a wide variety of options for any car fan!

So Good They Could Be Real Animals

We’ve collected these animals since before Lincoln was born. They are timeless, chewable, waterproof, and super realistic. They are the perfect collection for any kid, you truly can’t run out of options which means stockings are set for life.

Magnetic Blocks for the Win

I’m sure you’ve already heard about these but these MagnaTiles mean the possibilities are endless for play. I’ve also heard that they are a great long term toy, meaning kids will play with them for years to come !

What is This Bilibo Seat

This little plastic seat is making an appearance under our tree this year as well. I’m imagining all the dizzy spinning, jumping, car tunnels and bath floating this thing is going to provide for us!

Modern Parking Garage Toy

If your playroom is already run down with colors then this moden, simple parking garage will be your car lovers favorite and also make your space look a little more “instagrammable” hahah

The Indoor Gym of Their Dreams

Ok if you’re looking to splurge this Christmas on something that your kids will love for a very long time than this Pikler Climbing Gym is it. They have gyms sized for crawling babies up to elementary age and can be customized to whatever color you desire! It does look like they’ve closed sales for the year but make sure to get on their waitliest for when they re-launch!

The Cutest Toy Barn

I hope you’re as obsessed with everything Hearth and Hand at Target as I am and if so then this barn will be no different. It comes with the cutest wooden animals but you can also use any of the animals from above!!

She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy

This tractor might not be sexy but it sure is CUTE!! It’s the perfect pairing to the Hearth and Hand Magnolia Barn as well!

Tools that Won’t Hurt Them

What little boy doesn’t love tools…I’m constantly having to make sure he’s not trying to screw a hole in the wall when he finds Nick’s tool box open and I think these wooden tools would make him light up with complete joy while also keeping all of our walls and limbs safe.

The Kids Couch that Won’t Quit

If you’ve been looking for a kids’ couch that doubles as a tee-pee, a sleep over bed, and a jungle gym than this Nugget Couch is what you need. The cushions are super sturdy, stackable, and the cover are machine washable. It’s by far the best piece of furniture we’ve purchased for the kids.

The Crane that Could Probably Lift 10 lbs

This crane is no small toy but it sure is a big winner in our book. If your kiddo is into anything construction, building or pretend play than I think this wood crane should go on your list as well! They also have the cutest little wooden construction trucks to go with it!

Rubber River Rocks

We’ve had these river rubber jumping blocks on our Christmas list for 2 years now and I’m thinking 2019 is the timeeeee!!! These are small, portable and so versatile for all kinds of play.

A Balance Board for All Things

We have a small Melissa and Doug balance board that Lincoln loves to “surf” on but this balance board takes it to the next level. They can sit and rock, surf and wipe out, and climb over and tunnel under it. All around it’s a staple piece that can be used for cars, animals, kids, and adults alike.

The Rocking Scooter

If Lincoln were a little bit younger this rocking scooter would be on the top of the list. It’s so much more fun than any rocking animals and all around just looks so rad.

Gifts for Baby Girls

We own and love a few of these adorable girls gifts and sooo many others are on our Christmas list this year! Because Harper is our second we already have soooooo many of the basic baby toys and don’t need many toys that won’t last past a year!

Soft Fruit Rattles

Aren’t these just the absolute cutest!! Ok, I know I said we have tons of baby toys already but these little rattles make for the perfect stocking stuffer!

Handmade Wooden Animals

If you saw above, we collect animals for Lincoln and so before we had harper I wanted to do a little animal collection for her too but not have the same ones that Lincoln would constantly steal. When I found these wooden, hand-painted animals I fell in love. They are precious and such a great heirloom toy that I hope her babies will love one day as well.

The Musical Llama

Babies LOVEEEE play centers and you will too because they keep them busy for what seems like eternity. This little Llama stole my heart and I can’t wait for Harper to “open” this on Christmas morning!

Wicker Stroller

This little stroller is pricey but also ADORABLE!!! Our goal with toys is to have things that will grow with our kids and this little doll stroller is for sure one of them. It’ll be a great “learning to walk” pusher and a place to keep all of Harper’s favorite things.

Wicker Baby Bassinet

This Wicker baby doll bassinet gives me all the heart eyes. It’s perfect for any little girl and will also look super cute in any room.

The Sweetest Little Dolls

These dolls are brand new and I am obsessed!! You can style their hair to either look like little girls or little boys so they are perfect for any little kid. They are so soft and snuggly and have the cutest clothes and shoes (that are easy to put on!)

Flamingo Rocker

This flamingo rocker is the perfect touch to our tropical nursery but even if you’re nursery is more neutral these pottery barn rockers are the best. I love all of the cute animals they have available and they are such great quality!

Rainbow Stacker

This rainbow stacker is such a long term and versatile toy that you will never regret one cent of the cost. It makes such a cute decoration, is amazing for building, doubles as a bridge and so much more.

Pastel Abacus

This Abacus is another long term gift but also amazing for babies because they love to move things around and the beads don’t come off and double as a choking hazard. I love this pastel rainbow one because it’s large and won’t look super busy in the room.

Forever Block Set

There are soooooo many blocks out there but these are by far my favorite for longer term play. While any rubber blocks are so fun for babies to chew on these colorful wooden blocks will be used for years and years to come (sensing a theme here….)

Soft Books

Manhattan Toy has so many great soft baby books right now. They are beyond adorable, have such fun, crunchy, soft elements and are such a great price!

Rubber Sticky Things

These Rubber Squigz suction toys are AMAZING. We got some for Lincoln’s first Christmas and they went everywhere with us. They are amazing for taking on flights, sticking to walkers, suctioning to high chairs and for teething gums. These larger ones will for sure be in Harper’s stocking this year!

Gifts for Dads (that don’t suck)

Don’t you just love when you look up gift ideas for your man and you find endless amounts of beer subscriptions, drinking games, golfing supplies, tools and ties….Well what do you do when your husband doesn’t drink or golf?? This list is a sure fire Christmas morning excitement! A lot this is actually on Nick’s list for this year or are thing he got last year.

The Sold-Out Shoes

These Nike killshots sell out so fast because EVERYONE wants them. Nick would give them a 5 star review and has even asked for another pair this year. The good news is that they are available so buy them up people!

Quilted Bomber

This quilted bomber jacket is the perfect blend of business, winter casual and we all know bombers are THE thing right now so this one from marine layer is suer to delight your man.

Everyday Sweats

Vuori is a local favorite here in San Diego and these pants are the epitome of why. Nick wakes up and puts these on every single morning. They are his FAVORITE pants and he probably needs another pair for alternating between washes.

Waterproof Watch

This waterproof watch is the top thing on Nick’s list this year. While he would definitely enjoy an apple watch he doesn’t want another thing notifying him and filling him with distractions so he found this amazing watch that will track his swim and also not get ruined when he’s surfing.

Our Favorite Family Camera

This is definitely a splurge gift but as a photographer I cannot say enough about this little take anywhere camera. The quality of the photos is spectacular and definitely makes me feel better about not taking my massive camera everywhere with me.

Comfy Slippers

What guy couldn’t use a new pair of slippers? These target ones are my current fave for the guy in your life and are a super reasonable price!

The Perfect Shirt

Nick’s always on the hunt for great-fitting, business casual shirts and this J.Crew shirt is one of his favorites. He loves the way the slim fit sits on his slender body.

No-Show Socks

These stance no-show socks are his go-to socks (especially with the killshots above). Socks always make the perfect stocking stuffer so why not switch it up from fun patterns this year for something practical.

The BEST Cutting Board

We saw this cutting board on shark tank and I promise you it’s by far THE BEST cutting board we’ve ever had. In fact, we got rid of all of our other cutting boards and pretty much only use this. We love that it has a detachable tray for anything you need to cut and get out of the way. You will not be mad about owning this cutting board at all.

Classy Boots

These Sorel boots are all-weather and stylish. Nick has huge feet so he’s always on the hunt for shoes that don’t make him look like he has clown feet and these sorels fit the bill.

Face Lotion FOR Men

I’ve given Nick tons of face products over the years but he is kinda weird about using things that are for “women” as he likes to say. This face lotion that is made for men, is perfect for…MEN. We got the travel size last year and he’s actually used all of it!!!

Don’t Buy New Knives, Sharpen Them!

If you use your knives as much as we do they are probably as dull and dangerous as ours are. I jokingly said “I think we need new knives…” and then Nick found this. It’s a new company that allows you to mail in your knives, they professionally sharpen them and send them back to you!! Mind Blown!!

Cozy Up by the Fire

This highly rated firepit should be on everyone’s outdoor list. It’s small enough to put away when you don’t need it out but also big enough to roast marshmellows on!

Market Lights

If you love to spend time in the back yard like we do then these market lights are the perfect, reasonably priced gift to get your outdoor guy!

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