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Because today is worth it “Because Today is Worth it.”

I have this quote displayed in our home. I walk past it everyday and take a moment to intentionally absorb it. It’s the header on my blog and written deep in my heart.

I surround myself with these 5 words because my soul needs them desperately and I think yours might too.

I was dancing in the dirt on Christmas morning in Africa when I got the call that my mom had unexpectedly passed away. Life was instantly put into a whole new perspective. Her words clung to my heart as her presence became an constant absence in my new normal. Oh the regrets that filled my mind, the words left unsaid, the laughs not had. Her words sneaking up in my thoughts and began writing themselves in my soul, “Because today IS worth it.”

Five years later and here I sit looking at these same words displayed in my house, posted as the banner on my blog, constant reminders to my every day.

I sat at a coffee shop yesterday, my feet rocking my sleeping baby in the stroller, hand gripping my phone. After I had scrolled through all the beautiful images I had seen 5 minutes earlier I looked up saw everyone in  the building was doing the same thing. I saw friends at a table sharing a coffee but not a conversation. There was a man in the corner with a book open on the table but eyes fixated on his feed. I saw another mother whose child was looking at her in total awe and wonder, her attention focused on posing the perfect picture of her espresso. Then I heard my mom’s words; “Because today is worth it.”

I put my phone down, looked at my sleeping baby, stopped worrying about my insta-story and started memorizing his handsome face. I wonder how many moments of my life I miss because I’m consumed with liking someone else’s. I wonder how many conversations I could have had if I left my phone in the car. I wonder how much I really would “miss” if I didn’t spend my free moments scrolling.

I wonder what my life would look like if every time I tried to distract myself from my life I asked; “Is my life worth missing out on.”

It’s not just the phone, it’s all the things that keep us from making today “worth it.” Turn that TV off and get outside to feel the fresh air, let your to-do list sit unaccomplished for a few minutes so you can get on the floor and play with your little ones. Put your phone down and look your friend in the eye over coffee. Silence those notifications and dance in the kitchen with the one you love…

“Because Today is Worth it”


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