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Jessica Rice


whole-heartedly believe in 4 hour dinners, planning parties so epic people talk about them for years. Going way over the top on gifts, dancing all of my stress away and raising our kids to live out love and kindness that can change the world. 

A Southern Girl living in San Diego’s Endless Summer! I left dental career path to travel the world with just a camera in hand and spent a year capturing the world’s greatest beauty. I’m a deep believer in waking up at 5 am to own my day, rocking every jumpsuit, losing track of time dining with friends and drinking tea until it fills my veins. I traveled the world in search of life’s greatest adventure and found it in my arms as I held my children. I’m here for you. Here for your adventure and here to share everything I’ve learned along the way. 

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San Diego Wedding Vendor Guide

Planning every Outfit for your Family Photo Session

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Learn how to scale your business by using a Client Relationship Manager system

Why a Client Relationship Manager is Necessary for Success Client relationship managers are like the gossip that everyone thinks they know but really, they don’t know even half of the story. You may have heard of a CRM and you may have even used one but I can almost 100% guarantee you have no idea […]

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Are you sick of just typing “toys for toddler boys” on amazon and scrolling the endless lists of sponsored products, random crap and useless plastic? I get it, the world has way too many things, our kids have too many things and it’s hard to find what is actually worth our money. After years or […]

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best halloween books for 2020

It’s no secret that we LOVE holidays in our house nor is it a secret that I have a problem with going ALL out for said holidays. My kids know it’s time for a new season, a new holiday when the books come out. Our Holiday and seasonal books are one of my favorite holiday […]

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Family photo session outfit ideas

One of the most exciting things about scheduling your Fall Family Photo Session is planning your outfits, am I right? I could spend hours scrolling through my favorite online stores and picking out the perfect combos for those magical shots and if picking out the perfect wardrobe stresses you out then I’m here to help […]

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San Diego's best wedding vendors

GIRLLLLLLL!!!!You are freakin’ ENGAGED!!!! Can you hear me shouting from the roof for you??? If you don’t have a smile permanently pasted to your face right now I want you to get up, turn on THIS song and dance like the madly-in-love ENGAGED woman that you are right now! That felt good am I right? […]

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San Diego Wedding Venues

First up in the San Diego Wedding Venues Guide: La Jolla Women’s Club Wedding blog series is a If you’re looking for the perfect San Diego Wedding Venue that offers ocean breezes and a romantic garden feel then La Jolla Women’s Club might be perfect for you! Just one block from the beach, located in […]

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Scripps Pier Family Photography

Nothing sets the scene like sunset at the piers. We are so lucky to have 2 absolutely stunning piers here in San Diego; Scripps and Oceanside. Both of these piers are breath-taking backdrops for family photography. Kids love to splash in waves, chase the tide, run under the pier and dance on the sand during […]

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San Diego Family Photography at Coronado Sand Dunes

If you’ve ever visited the Hotel Del Coronado before and walked along the shoreline, you have probably noticed the immense sand dunes that reside just north of the hotel. These dunes are like their own little land when you’re inside. Kids like to create mazes out of them and joggers use them for endurance. What you may […]

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Balboa Park Family Photography-Desert Gardens

Balboa park is one of our all time favorite locations to shoot family portraits! There are so many incredible places to capture those beautiful, candid and timeless photos. One of my absolute favorite locations in Balboa Park is the Desert Gardens. The Desert Gardens are located on Park Blvd, adjacent to the Rose Gardens and […]

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Leo Carrilo Ranch Family Photography Session

Leo Carrillo Ranch is truly a hidden treasure tucked in the hills of Carlsbad. This historic rancho is full of possibility (and entertainment) when it comes to your family photography session. Leo Carrillo Ranch is one of our favorite places for photos and kids love it too! Take one look around the ranch and you’ll […]

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Sunset Cliffs Family Photography Session

Sunset Cliffs will always be one of my favorite versatile photoshoot locations. It’s endless open space, lots of area for kids to run and play and incredible places to explore. It’s important to know that sunset cliffs is huge, 68 acres! The park is nearly a mile and a half long, with a trail along […]

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I collected 6,000 toothbrushes to take with me to Africa. Six-thousand toothbrushes in six 50 lb. duffle bags on a 46 hour trip across the world. When I stepped on my college campus for the first time I knew the career path I was on. I dreamed of anatomy classes, med school, dental degrees and […]

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I don’t have a memory where my mom wasn’t taking a picture. Her purse was always full of film rolls waiting to be developed or used. We frequented the film lab at Walmart so often they knew us by name. She was always toting a camera over her shoulder and it fascinated me, I would […]

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National Geographic African Boy covering eyes in Burkina Faso

I remember everything about that day, the day my college roommate walked in with a camera in her hand that made my jaw drop. I had never seen anything like it. My first sight of a DSLR. We sat in the floor of our living room staring at it as if it was a huge […]

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