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If you’ve ever visited the Hotel Del Coronado before and walked along the shoreline, you have probably noticed the immense sand dunes that reside just north of the hotel. These dunes are like their own little land when you’re inside. Kids like to create mazes out of them and joggers use them for endurance. What you may not know is that they actually spell out a secret message!

Back in the 80’s there was a huge storm that created such a massive buildup of seaweed that the maintenance man in charge of cleaning up the mess didn’t know what to do with it all! He finally decided the best way to clear the mess was to hide it by piling sand on top, creating these large mounds. Being a creative type though, he went one step further and had them spell out the word “Coronado“. A little extra secret, a whale is buried in the letter ‘R’.

The Coronado sand dunes are hands down one of my favorite places for family sessions. The kids are thrilled when they walk up and see mountains of sand to run and slide on and because there are so many letters you will always have a private place for your family session.

One of the most stressful parts about getting ready for your family shoot is choosing what everyone is going to wear (and getting them in those clothes)!

I know sourcing the internet and scrolling pinterest for ideas can be really overwhelming so I’ve actually put together a complete guide to make it easy! The guide lays out every detail from colors, to matching versus complimenting and even goes through how to get your husband excited! You can download the guide HERE!!

If you’re looking for more incredible San Diego family photography session locations check out this blog I wrote featuring 10 of the best locations in San Diego.

San Diego Family Photography at Coronado Sand Dunes

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