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GIRLLLLLLL!!!!You are freakin’ ENGAGED!!!! Can you hear me shouting from the roof for you??? If you don’t have a smile permanently pasted to your face right now I want you to get up, turn on THIS song and dance like the madly-in-love ENGAGED woman that you are right now!

That felt good am I right? You know what else is going to stretch that smile on your face even more?

THIS: SAN DIEGO’S BEST WEDDING VENDORS GUIDE that I put together for you! That’s right, everything you need to find the best, kindest, most hard working, insanely creative, talented and trusted wedding vendors are right here in this guide FOR YOU!

San Diego's best wedding vendors

Finding wedding vendors can be a serious process, and it should be! You have to look past Instagram, through website, get quotes and scroll Pinterest to find exactly what (or better yet WHO) you’re looking for.

Don’t worry, I know you, I’m sure you’ve already started your San Diego wedding vendor research process. If I was a betting woman I would put money on the fact that the day after you got engaged you started saving EVERY SINGLE wedding thing you could find and already have plans to tour San Diego wedding venues. Did I just hit the lottery with that bet???

You’re on top of it and you deserve a standing ovation! But, what is THE most important thing you’ve been looking for when it comes to your San Diego wedding vendors?

Are you making your wedding vendor list based of beautiful photos? Are you collecting ideas based on your budget? Are you just planning to show up at your San Diego wedding venue and book everyone off their list without question?

San Diego's Best Wedding Vendors

If I could give you ONE wedding planning tip it would be this:

Choose your vendors for what they do and WHO they are!

Of course there are some wedding vendors that you will only exchange a few emails with and see beautiful results on the your big day without much of a relationship but some of your vendors will become so much more than just a service for your wedding day. You want to spend some dedicated time getting to know your wedding planner, wedding photographer, and wedding videographer.

You will spend more time working with these 3 wedding vendors than anyone else. They will be with you through the whole planning process and sitting in and taking part in your most intimate moments on your wedding day.

San Diego's best wedding vendors

The best part is that I’ve already put together an extensive list of San Diego’s best wedding vendors for you. Not a single one of these people has paid to be in this guide, some don’t even know they are in it. Every person, every business, every vendor in this guide are my PERSONAL recommendations. This is the guide all of my brides get as soon as they book with me. It’s like a secret handbook to all of the most amazing wedding vendors in San Diego. Behind each of these businesses are people, friends, who will and always have gone above and beyond for their clients. They span every style, every budget and every personality. These are YOUR PEOPLE. Trust me!!!

I know these will be your people, because they are my people. They are trustworthy, they bring immense value, they work their butts off to make your wedding day everything you dreamed (and girl I know those wedding day dreams are luxurious and remarkable).

san diego's best wedding vendors

So, download this guide RIGHT NOW! Visit each of these San Diego wedding vendors websites, scroll their instagrams, set up appointments to MEET with them! San Diego is full of wedding vendors and finding the right ones for you can be soooooo much work. Start here. Start with these incredible women and men and trust that you’re in good hands my friend! Because I want the freakin’ best for you and I want every cent you spend on this wedding day to be worth EVERYTHING to you.

Here it is one last time: San Diego’s Best Wedding Vendor Guide


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