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Jessica Rice


whole-heartedly believe in 4 hour dinners, planning parties so epic people talk about them for years. Going way over the top on gifts, dancing all of my stress away and raising our kids to live out love and kindness that can change the world. 

A Southern Girl living in San Diego’s Endless Summer! I left dental career path to travel the world with just a camera in hand and spent a year capturing the world’s greatest beauty. I’m a deep believer in waking up at 5 am to own my day, rocking every jumpsuit, losing track of time dining with friends and drinking tea until it fills my veins. I traveled the world in search of life’s greatest adventure and found it in my arms as I held my children. I’m here for you. Here for your adventure and here to share everything I’ve learned along the way. 

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DIY Kids Halloween Costumes and Party

I grew up with a mom who hand stitched every single one of my halloween costumes, she spent hours glueing on sequins, sewing lace and creating the prefect halloween costumes. I always dreamed of making these eloborate and creative DIY costumes for my kids, I imagined a room spread full of fabric and tulle and […]

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The first time Nick and I went to Target I knew I had met quite the challenge. This man of mine spent 45 minutes picking out a single lightbulb. OK, did you actually read that? 45 MINUTES! I don’t know the last time I spent 45 minutes doing my hair more or less picking out […]

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I have always loved Asian culture, I’m not sure when I became fascinated by a world I had never been but for as long as I can remember I had desired to visit. As a kid I lived in my Geisha robe—it was a beautiful silky green shade with little Japanese fish and flowers all […]

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The last few days have been tough. I’ve wept alongside stories of loss, mothers whose wombs and arms are left empty. Friends who have miscarried. Strangers who have experienced tragedy. October 15th is a day of remembrance for so many beautiful, strong, and courageous women. As I read story after story I was reminded of how […]

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If you’ve ever traveled with me, let me stay in your home, road tripped with me or carpooled to work you know the truth about me. I am a bag-aholic. Every morning is like packing for the apocalypse. Gym Bag. Lunch Bag. Purse. Computer Bag. Recycling bag. Bag for my bags.. The struggle is real. […]

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I have this tattoo, a constant reminder of what a beautiful mess my life has been. I got this thing years ago after a 6 month stint living in Burkina Faso, West Africa. I don’t know why I got a tattoo, especially of this. It was 5 of the most painful moments of my life, […]

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 There’s something incredible about starting a new beginning. In life we get a lot of new beginnings; going to College, finding our first job, getting married, starting a family, giving our life to Christ. We really get a lot of chances to decide who or what we are going to become, how our life in […]

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It feels good to be back. Back to writing, back to capturing moments that matter and sharing stories that deserve to be told. Back to expressing my life through the lens and the pen. I’ve been on quite a hiatus, what with getting married and all but this website, this blog is something I’ve been […]

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