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We Bought A House!!!

california home renovation

You guys!! Life has been INSANE the last few months and weeks (and days). Like literally insane and so much of the insanity and chaos is due to this beautiful blue lady right here. Welcome to our new home!!! It feels unreal that I can even write that because this has been a long time coming in some aspects and also super quick and unexpected in others. Nick and I have always lived with a debt-free mindset (thank you Dave Ramsey) but even with extreme budgeting and planning a house in San Diego never seemed reasonably within my grasp (Shout out to Nick who always believed in us).

When we talked about what we dreamed of in our first home we always left things very vague due to the fears of reality that ALL of those things wouldn’t be possible in this market with our budget. I always dreamed of living within walking distance of good schools, I hoped for open areas we could access, I wished for 4 bedrooms so we could foster and adopt when the time came. I dreamed of something we could fix, paint, remodel and make our own. I pictured a back yard that my kids could play in, a garden and a spot for chickens. I stifled all of these dreams and hopes when it came to the reality of looking for a house. I expected to live in a development with terra-cotta roofs and HOAs that wouldn’t allow us to paint. I accepted the reality that we would end up somewhere mediocre so we could be in a good school district and I gave up a lot of the things I deeply wanted because of the market we are in.

When we decided to start “looking” at houses a few weeks ago we got approved for a loan on a Thursday. Friday we spent ample amounts of time scrolling through Zillow and RedFin, searching in a very tight perimeter and planning to see 3 of the homes available there. Saturday we went to 3 open houses, Sunday we went to one again and then submitted an offer. Within an hour our offer was accepted (which apparently out here it’s very likely that you put in 12 offers before one gets accepted) and just like that we bought a house….

Right before we submitted the offer I prayed and said; “Jesus if this is the place you want to establish us then make it be and if it’s not I accept it with open hands.”

You see the thing was, this house had EVERYTHING we ever wanted. Of course it’s not perfect, it needs some updates, it has some weird things but it also has sooo much potential. It’s walking distance to an elementary and middle school, across the street is a community park and acres of mountain biking and hiking trails. It’s less than 1 mile from CHICK-FIL-A!!!!!!!

I truly couldn’t believe it, I had given up on my dreams and Jesus swept right in and gave them all back to me. We have soooooooo much work ahead of us but I can’t wait to make this little blue lady our own.

home renovations


home renovations

Nick has lived with a clipboard in his hand for the last few weeks, he’s measured every wall, calculated every cost and tested every light switch.

Did I mention the house has a jacuzzi hahaha! It may not stay forever but for now it’s gonna be gold.

I’m literally elated to just open these doors and let Lincoln run around outside for hours on end.

I swear in a weeks’ time we’ve completely renovated this entire house in our minds hahaha

Lincoln calls this “the big house” and anytime we talk about the big house he says “chickens…” sooo looks like he might get chickens for his birthday hahah

The master bath will end up being one of our biggest renovations in the future!

I hope you guys will join us on the #ricereno adventure and if you want a sneak peek at our ideas you can check out my Pinterest to see what might be coming very soon to some of our spaces!!!


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