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why you should order a wedding album

Should You Order a Wedding Album?

Yes!!!! The answer is a resounding, yes! One of the most important decisions to make when choosing your wedding package is ensuring you order a wedding album. It’s easy to look at wedding packages and ignore the wedding album section because at the time it doesn’t necessarily seem crucial but trust me, it is!

Albums are the cornerstone of wedding memories. They represent a tangible recollection of your wedding day that will be enjoyed throughout your entire lives. Your album isn’t just for now, it’s for always.

When you get that email with your wedding gallery you will be elated but scrolling through your images on a computer screen (or even your phone) doesn’t compare to flipping through your photos in a beautiful print. There’s honestly nothing more exciting than holding a gorgeous sturdy book in your hands that is filled with images from your wedding day. I just love running my hands across each cover and flipping through the thick pages.


Why you should order a wedding album

Wedding albums are as timeless as your wedding photos themselves. Your friends and family won’t want to sit on your couch and scroll through the images on your phone but they will love flipping through the pages of your luxurious album. These albums are heirlooms that will be passed on for generations to come.

One of the things my couples love about my albums is that I initially choose their images and provide them with a design featuring these images. They love that they don’t have to spend hours figuring out how to choose images that work well to tell their story. Once they see my first design, then can then request to swap images, if needed. It’s taken out a lot of the work for them, creating a much more enjoyable album experience. Our handcrafted wedding albums are an investment in your images that are far superior than digital files. With a wide range of cover materials to choose from and a beautiful custom design, your wedding album will be completely customized for the two of you!

If your wedding package doesn’t include and album or you haven’t thought of ordering one yet I urge you to consider investing in an heirloom that will house your wedding images for years to come and be enjoyed by your family for generations!

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