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I’m sitting here on the brink of a beginning and an end.

2015 was full of a different kind of adventure than I’m use to, packed to the brim with boxes, fear, and accomplishment. This time a year ago we were making our way across the country with all of our possessions tucked away in a big yellow truck and our future so unknown.

I wept as we drove down the 15 freeway; “how am I ever going to know where I was going”, “there are so many cars,” “how will I find friends,” “there’s way too many lanes on this road.” My list of fears grew and my new years resolutions dissolved. The first few months were a state of survival as Nick searched for jobs and I searched for some kind of sanity. I expected all our hopes and dreams to fall onto our laps within a month but it was nearly 4 months before we saw anything come our way.

2015 was a year of resettling. I ached with the pains of reestablishing in every area of life, not only did we need to find jobs, a home, friends, routine but I also had to restart my business. From the other side of this 2015 mountain I can see how steady the Father has been despite my inconsistent heart and restless mind. Even though this year has been filled to the brim with “starting over’s” it’s also been full of excitement and new beginnings.

Nick and I both got incredible jobs. We found an apartment less than a mile from the beach. We went to Africa. My dad got married. We shot so many beautiful weddings. We started a community group, found a church and started working with the youth group. Nick’s brother graduated from college, we went on a family ski trip and I got to feed giraffes at the zoo. We traveled to San Fransisco, Seattle, Palm Springs, Burkina Faso, Atlanta, Franklin, Borrego Springs, Lynchburg, New Orleans, Dallas, San Luis Obispo, Utah and The Grand Canyon.

Looking back on my fearful and regretful self last January I wish I could say; “It’s going to be better than you expect, harder than you anticipate but so much fuller with the Father’s grace. Be patient, be curious, be consistent, accept failures, take your time and enjoy the in-betweens.”

I think it’s crucial that as we look forward to a fresh start we look back on this last year with eyes that seek to see our accomplishments, adventures and triumphs instead of focusing on all of our short falls.

So here’s looking at you 2015, you’ve been grand!

Things I Learned in 2015:

Patience will take you places in perfect peace.

The sun is always shining in California.

It’s cold when it’s below 70 degrees.

I love burritos. 

Friendships take serious work and time when you’re an adult.

I know how to get to downtown San Diego without a GPS!

Reestablishing your business takes time.

Sharks aren’t always going to be where you are swimming, so hop in!

Not everything is more expensive in California, but buying a house is by far the worst!

Boogie Boarding is less frightening than surfing.

Putting on a wetsuit is a full week’s worth of exercise.

Everything is in season, all the time.

Georgia size furniture doesn’t always fit in your California sized apartment.

Most apartments don’t have overhead lighting, or washers, or storage for that matter. (So when you find one that does never leave!)

EVERYONE is active ALL the time… join them!

Traffic is no joke.

Always walk to the beach to watch the sunset.

I don’t like running but I do love Barre and Orange Theory.

Most people (your father) will forget about the time difference and call at 5 am.



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