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Hopefully by now you’ve heard all about Subscription photos and why they will change your life! Today I want to help you think outside the box when it comes to getting the most out of your photo subscriptions so I’ve put together 15 of my favorite ways to utilize your sessions each year (that you might not have thought of already).

1. Christmas Card Photos

Of course you already have this one on your list but photo subscriptions are perfect of Christmas Card Photos! With a subscription you can even consider having your card photos taken earlier in the year. Christmas in July anyone? Why wait until November to start thinking about those holiday cards?

2. First Birthday or Cake Smash

If you have children you probably had photos taken when they were first born but what about this big milestone? Not only have you survived a year of being a parent but all of your friends and family come to town to celebrate with you as well! This is the perfect opportunity to have professional photos taken. You wouldn’t want to miss moments like this would you?

3. Anniversary Photos

Whether you do or don’t have children using your photo subscription for anniversary photos is a fantastic idea. Wouldn’t it be special if you had photos taken every year just you and the one you love the most? How often do couples only have great wedding photos and then just happen to show up in the photos of their children’s lives.

4. Mother’s Day Photos

All of you mom’s out there have phones full of photos of your little one’s. You’ve captured every moment of their days but how often do you get to be in front of the camera with them (other than a quick selfie)? After losing my mom a few years ago one of my biggest regrets is not having more photos with her, I cherish the few she made it in to but just think of how much your children will love these photos years from now.

5. Grandparents visit

If your parents live in a different city or state why not consider using one of your photo sessions on their next visit? Not only will they love spending time with their grandchildren but you will also  have great photos to print and gift them throughout the year! If you just had a baby you could use one of your sessions to capture the first time your parents meet their grandchild. This cherished moment will be framed on their wall for years to come!

6. Family Reunion

If your family is coming from all across the county to vacation in San Diego this year, it would be great to use a session for family reunion photos. Whether it’s capturing the family picnic, taking full family formals at the beach or just preserving some memories of everyone hanging at the house, it’s a great opportunity to have some professional photos taken.

7. Baby Shower

Of course you’re going to have pictures taken of your newborn baby but you could also have that beautiful baby shower photographed as well. It’s so wonderful to look back through your gallery and see yourself tear up over that adorable onesie and to reminisce on everyone who came to celebrate you and your baby!

8. Maternity Session

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as that life growing inside of you. Motherhood is beautiful and your photos should be too! Spend some time loving that baby belly and capturing this incredible season with your Photo Subscription this year!

9. Birthdays or Holiday Parties

We celebrate a tons of big birthdays and holiday parties each year, so wouldn’t it be great if you had fantastic photos of all of the work you put into the celebration? A Summer BBQ, a Great Gatsby 40th Birthday, a private yacht chartered 25th anniversary or a Christmas Banquet are just a few of the ways you could use your photo subscription this year.

10. Senior Photos

It’s a big year for the graduate! Between prom, taking the SAT, that final Volleyball game,  and prepping to walk across the stage there are so many huge moments in the year. Senior Portraits should be one of the most fun and most anticipated events for a Senior. Why not use part of your Photo Subscription for those Portraits and save the other for part of another big moment this year!

11. Prom

Is your son or daughter going to prom? Wouldn’t it be amazing to surprise them and all of their friends with a little pre-prom photoshoot? Instead of trying to capture your child’s big day you could actually enjoy it and have even better photos to remember it by!

12. Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is an incredible way to use your photo subscription especially because your friends and family have put so much work into making this day special for the soon-to-be Mrs. You will love your engagement photos but the whole engagement season is so beautiful and special and full of opportunities for professional photos.

13. Bachelorette

Are your girls traveling to Southern California to celebrate your last Hoorah? How much would you love to have photos as you boat to Catalina or lay by the pool in Palm Springs? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have some fantastic “Girl Gang” photos with the ladies that mean the most to you? Photo Subscriptions are great for your Bachelorette weekend!

14. Headshots

Whether you have a small business, Linkedin, a new EHarmony account, or a book coming out, you need great headshots. There’s nothing worse than spending hours digging through folders to find a good photo of you for your Profile, About Me Section, your Instagram page or the back of your book. Make it easy this year and use one of your photo subscriptions to update those headshots!

15. Business Owners

Yes, photo subscriptions are for business owners too. In fact, they are going to be one of your best decisions this year! Whether you’re a blogger, a florist, a product-based company or a PR firm, you will benefit immensely from photo subscriptions. Do you need new headshots, team photos, behind the scenes footage, updated instagram photos or more consistent blog content? Then Photo Subscriptions are perfect for your business. Our business subscriptions are custom tailored to your photo needs so contact us if you’re interested in finding out more!


Just in case you needed a few more ideas I’ve put together a great list below:


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