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A Sunset Cliffs Family Photography Session

Sunset Cliffs Family Photography Session

Sunset Cliffs will always be one of my favorite versatile photoshoot locations. It’s endless open space, lots of area for kids to run and play and incredible places to explore.

It’s important to know that sunset cliffs is huge, 68 acres! The park is nearly a mile and a half long, with a trail along the cliff, and plenty of paths or stairs leading down to the beaches below. This is one of San Diego’s best surf spots since it’s over a reef break, which also makes for incredible slow rolling wave photos. Sunset cliffs park offers sweeping ocean views, stunning cliff formations, endless tidepools and the most incredible sea caves!

The Carter family lives within walking distance of these incredible cliffs so it only made sense that their family photography session would take place in their “back yard.”

Sunset Cliffs Photography-Family Photo Session

The Carter’s came dressed to impress, which doesn’t surprise me with Ashlyn’s style taste. Ashlyn is the host of an incredible Youtube series and always aims to inspire women to love who they are right where they are. The Carter’s used our Style Guide to help piece together their family wardrobe and the blushes, creams and blues complimented each other beautifully. Her blush Free People Dress billowed in the wind and gave life to their images. Her husband, Travis wore head to toe J.Crew and their darling children wore Zara (one of our favorite places to recommend for planning your child’s wardrobe for family photos.) We had the most wonderful time as Ashlyn and Travis played, danced and laughed with their kids at Sunset cliffs as the sun set a glorious orange behind us.

Are you ready to have some incredible family photos captured of your crew?