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It was absolutely pouring; the world was soaked but Scott and Allie’s hearts were full. We woke up before the sun had risen in San Fransisco to capture the most intimate of weddings set deep in the forest. Despite the ankle-deep puddles, crisp air and promise of rain we knew God would make a way for this wedding. We sat in the completely fogged car with Scott as we waited for the wedding to start. The rain was streaking down the windshield but Scott knew it would stop. We all grabbed our umbrellas in preparation for our .4 mile trek to Cathedral Grove in Muir Woods and the MOMENT we stepped underneath the entrance sign the rain stopped. The sun began to shine as Allie walked down the aisle and Scott’s face lit up seeing his bride.


The ceremony was small, intimate and holy. Allie walked with her father down the .4 mile aisle to Cathedral Grove where she saw Scott for the first time. There is no cathedral quite like the one they were married in: trees so grand you couldn’t see the tops, a covering so holy yet so inviting. The sun began to shine as Allie approached her husband and you could feel the warmth of The Father shining down on them.


Scott and Allie celebrated their vows surrounded by 10 of their closest Family members, shared communion, and were pronounced Husband and Wife.


There is no denying that Scott and Allie were meant to be together. 11 months serving around the world in different countries couldn’t keep them apart but would instead bring them together.


Allie and Scott both did this amazing mission trip called The World Race. They were never together during those 11 months and didn’t even know the other existed. It was only during the flight from China back to the USA on the last day of the trip that Scott caught Allie’s eye. Allie vividly remembers the moment she saw Scott; “He had long hair and I thought he was the best looking guy I’d seen in 11 months!”

It wasn’t but a month later that the groups reunited in Georgia for a week when Allie actually got to meet Scott; “It was very brief but memorable.”



Two and a half years later Scott’s best friend married Allie’s best friend (who also did the World Race) and it was during their wedding that their connection became undeniable.

6 months later Allie found out that Scott was moving from Georgia to Tulsa, Oklahoma where she was living at the time. Her heart raced when she heard the news and resolved to invite him to Church as soon as he arrived.


Their love was unstoppable from that moment on and Scott decided to propose while they were visiting friends in Texas. While they were out walking the trails one morning Scott just stopped and began to cry. He confessed his whole heart to Allie and asked if she would spend forever with him. Of course she said YES!



Scott and Allie are some of the most adventurous people I know, so when I heard that their wedding was going to be in Muir Woods I knew there would be no better place. Their desire was to get married somewhere beautiful, new, and grand. Neither of them had ever been to Muir Woods so they figured what better time to see some place new than for their wedding!


They wanted their wedding to showcase the natural beauty that surrounded them. Whenever people asked “what are your wedding colors?” they would respond: “the colors of the woods.”







Florals by Eothen//Crop Wedding Dress by Moonlight//Blue Suite by Indochino//Wedding Rings by Alexis Russell//

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