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2016 is sure to set some high standards when it comes to the wedding industry and it’s crazy to look back and see what was on trend 2 years ago compared to now. Weddings are quickly becoming more custom, extravagant, personal and even intimate than ever before. New traditions are being born everyday while old ones are being revived and I love being smack dab in the middle of it!

Today I’m sharing 12 upcoming wedding trends we LOVE!!! If you’re stuck in an inspiration rut this blog is for you!!!

1. Rose Quartz + Serenity

If you are recently engaged and browsing social media, Pinterest or bridal shops for inspiration you are sure to find Rose Quartz and Serenity EVERYWHERE. These are the 2 Pantone colors of the year and whether it’s subtle hints in the bouquet or lined up in the bridal party you can be certain these lovelies will be showing up!


2. Patterns

Patterns are going to be HUUUGE (cue Donald Trump) this year . You will see them in dresses, on the tables and on your invites. I am quite excited about this one because I LOVE all the colors in patterns and think it can completely change your environment!

2016-wedding-trends (1)

3. Over the Top Florals

Extravagant Florals are sure to delight this year. Whether they are hanging from the ceiling, surrounding the Chuppah or flowing from a brides hand they will be over the top. Supposedly feathers are back on trend but I wouldn’t hold my breath for that one 😉

2016-wedding-trends (2)

4. Modern Wedding Dresses

Wedding gowns have taken a modern turn this year and many brides will be adorning sleeves and crop tops (say what…) I am a firm lover of the 2 piece dress and can’t wait to see how many incredible brides sport one of these beauties!

2016-wedding-trends (3)

5. Lighting

It’s not often that guests look up in admiration at a wedding but you can bet your bottom dollar this year the skies are sure to delight. Over the top lighting elements are popping up and setting a scene like never before. Chandeliers will not only hang form the ceiling but beckon your attention!

2016-wedding-trends (4)

6. Copper and Rose Gold

This has been on trend for awhile now but keep your eyes peeled for Copper and Rose Gold Galore. Cakes, jewelry, decor, and even bridesmaid dresses will incorporate copper and rose gold in unique ways this year.

2016-wedding-trends (5)

7. Intricate Invitations

Stationary will be on point this year! Intricate, personal and stunning invitations are hitting a new level. From hand drawn to origami folded every detail will be meticulous and these stunning invitations are going to be gracing your mailbox in no time.

2016-wedding-trends (6)

8. Customized Cocktails

Woah now this is big…Custom Cocktails (need I say more?) Not only will your wedding scream your personality but now your drinks will too!

2016-wedding-trends (7)

9. Gueridon Service

Also upcoming in the world of catering is the gueridon service (at your table customizable trays of desserts and appetizers.) Think Chili’s table-side fresh guacamole but glammed up!

2016-wedding-trends (8)

10. Mix and Match Music

“You have a band and a DJ??? Whaaat!” Yep you read that right, 2016 is brining 2 worlds together for one epic night and now you can dance the night away to the rhythms of your dreams!

2016-wedding-trends (9)

11. Intimate Affairs

Don’t be misled with all of these over the top, intricate and stunning wedding ideas Intimate weddings are on the rise and more brides will be cutting their numbers and up-ing their creativity to create some of the most intimate affairs this year.

2016-wedding-trends (10)

12. Unique Bridesmaid Dresses

And last but not least one of my favorites, unique bridesmaid dresses and rompers!! (Ok maybe rompers haven’t quit reached their trend peak but I’m crossing my fingers over here that they do…and very soon) From patters, to sequins, and florals, gone are the days of matching solid bridesmaid dresses. Bridal parties this year are going to look even more fun than before and I can’t wait!

2016-wedding-trends (11)

Like I said, 2016 is going to be a big year for the wedding industry and brides around the world are going to set standards for weddings that have never been set before. This year’s trends are nothing short of spectacular and I can’t wait to see how you’re inspired!

So what trends do you love and what trends do you hate? (And maybe your’e the bride that hates being on trend..well then, you’re welcome…avoid all of these things like the plague and you’ll be fine 😉

//All images via Pinterest//

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